Friday, 7 May 2010

Muddied Simply. Yasujirō Ozu. Late Autumn / Akibiyori / 秋日和

presentation by Corry Shores
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[Below is quotation. My own notes are bracketed in red.]

Muddied Simply
Yasujirō Ozu
Late Autumn

Gilles Deleuze

Cinema 2: The Time Image
Cinéma 2: L'image-temps

Beyond the Movement Image
Au-delà de l'image-mouvement

Everyday banality
La banalité quotidienne

This is Ozu's thinking: life is simple, and man never stops complicating it by 'disturbing still water' (as in the three companions in Late Autumn). [Deleuze Cinema 2, 1989: 14d]

C'est la pensée d'Ozu L la vie est simple, et l'homme ne cesse de la compliquer en « agitant l'eua dormante » (ainsi les trois compères de « Fin d'automne »). [Deleuze Cinéma 2, 1985: 25b]

[Below we see the three companions making a mess of the situation when trying to arrange marriages. At the end, they discuss life's simplicity.]

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Deleuze, Gilles. Cinema 2: The Time Image. Transl. Hugh Tomlinson and Robert Galeta. London & New York: 1989.

Deleuze, Gilles. Cinéma 2: L'image-temps. Paris: Les éditions de minuit, 1985.

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