Monday, 7 June 2010

At the Public Bath. Howard Hawks. El Dorado

presentation by Corry Shores

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At the Public Bath
Howard Hawks
El Dorado

Gilles Deleuze

Cinema 1
Cinéma 1

Ch X. The Action-Image: The Small Form
Ch X. L'image-action : La petite forme

The Western in Hawks: functionalism
Le western chez Hawks : le fonctionalisme

Everyone enters and passes through the room where the sheriff is having a bath, as though it were a public place (El Dorado). [Deleuze, Cinema 1, 1986:170bc]

Tout le monde entre et passe dans la pièce où le shérif prend un bain, comme sur une place publique (« El Dorado »). [Deleuze Cinéma 1, 1985:228]

[Clip should play, even though the screen is blank until the button is pressed.]


Deleuze, Gilles. Cinema 1: The Movement-Image.Transl. Hugh Tomlinson & Barbara Habberjam, London: Continuum, 1986

Deleuze, Gilles. Cinéma 1: L'image-mouvement. Paris: Les éditions de minuit, 1983.

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